8 Best Solar Power Backpacks 2018

Best Solar Chargers 8 Best Solar Power Backpacks 2018

For a preliminary completion of my research on outdoor solar energy supply for communication devices, I complete this series with the 8 best solar power backpacks 2018.

Solar powered battery chargers and solar power banks are sometimes very valuable tools if you spend a lot of time in nature. Solar power backpacks is another variation you should investigate if you are interested in purchasing the right gadget for you.

Why Best Solar Power Backpacks?

We are all traveling much more nowadays than we were many years ago. Also, we have got used to being always and everywhere reachable by phone.

This increasingly requires a facility that allows us to charge our mobile devices in the most unusual places. On the road, in nature, while camping or on the beach.

Recently there are now some very reliable and powerful solar power backpacks on the market. You can purchase such a product and from now on you are always and everywhere supplied with enough power.

Solar power is available daily in unimaginable quantities for free. Unfortunately, we still use this natural and clean energy source far too little. Nevertheless, countless scientists and companies are doing their utmost to serve us with better and cheaper technology.

A backpack is in the present time to a person, outside of their own four walls, like the shoes or the pants. Everyone carries a backpack with them.

So why not combine the normal and already useful with an even more environmentally friendly function. The quality is coming as you will see.

We have not yet reached the pinnacle in terms of the best solar power backpacks but if you join in and support the idea, soon every available solar backpack will be of the highest quality.

It’s hip, looks modern and engaged, it helps you show that you care. Anywhere be it in towns on the daily trip to work or in the outback, enjoying real nature, you can help with your little share to keep our world a wonderful place.

What are the advantages of a solar power backpack?

Whenever you leave the house, you pack your smartphone in the backpack. Well, with a solar power backpack, you’re doing the exact same thing, but then your power bank and energy source will be there as well.

No more surprises if you want to join a trip at short notice. No problem spontaneously staying at the lake. And never stand with empty mobile phone batteries anymore.

In short:

  • I am at home where my backpack is.
  • You can call me anytime.
  • From now on you use free solar energy.
  • No extra charger you have to think about.
  • A week away, no problem, I’ll send you a text message.
  • An unforeseen glitch out in the nowhere, your smartphone works safely.

You see, since you have your backpack with you one way or the other, nothing can happen to you when it comes to battery charging.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that the selection of really good products in this segment is not too big. One brand stands out noticeably.

Voltaic Systems clearly has the right attitude. You have to invest a little more money but you will get a complimenting product.

I have just described one model of this company here in the list, I thought it is unnecessary to introduce several different ones. If the model shown here is too expensive or too extensive for you, I recommend you to investigate the smaller but also fully functional products from Voltaic Systems.

Review My 8 Best Solar Power Backpacks 2018

Best Solar Power Backpacks Waterproof Anti-Theft Solar Power Fast Charging
Best Solar Power Backpacks Birksun Solar Backpack (Mythos Black)
Best Solar Power Backpacks HAWEEL Multi-function Outdoor Backpack
Best Solar Power Backpacks Hiking Backpack, 7 Walls Solar Panel
  • 12W 5V 2A
  • 1 USB Output
  • Ca. 30 Lit
  • $
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  • 5W 5V 2.4A
  • 3’000mAh Power Bank
  • Ca. 30 Lit 
  • $$$
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♦♦


  • 7W 5V 1A 
  • 1 USB Connection
  • Ca. 30 Lit
  • $
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♦♦


  • 7W 5V 1A
  • 1 USB Output
  • Ca. 14 Lit
  • $$
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♦♦


Best Solar Power Backpacks EnerPlex PK-ALPHA-OR Packr Backpack, Orange
Best Solar Power Backpacks Voltaic Systems Array Rapid
Best Solar Power Backpacks Xlight.ca Solar Charger Backpack 6.5W
Best Solar Power Backpacks ECEEN Backpack High Capacity 48L for Laptops
  • 3W 5V
  • 1 USB Output
  • 30 Lit Cap. 
  • $
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♦♦


  • 10.5W 5V USB
  • 12, 16, 19V
  • 25 Lit Cap.
  • $$$$
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♦♦


  • 6.5W 2.1A
  • 1 x 5V USB 
  • 45 Lit Cap.
  • $$
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  • 10W 5V 2A
  • 1 USB Output
  • 48 Lit Cap.
  • $$$
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♦♦


What you should look at when you buy such solar power backpack.

After this intensive investigation of the offered solar power backpacks, I came to the conclusion that you, if you want to acquire one should pay attention to the following.

As with all solar charging stations, it is important that you know what you need such a tool for. If you know what you’re going to use it for, you probably already know how much time your backpack should bridge over a grid-free adventure.

I also assume that you break up on a planned trip with full batteries. A fully charged device, a full power bank is usually enough for 1-2 days with normal consumption.

Various purchase decision criteria:

  • Backpack content volume, what can be taken with.
  • The weight of the complete equipment.
  • Is the solar cell unit tightly sewn or can it be removed?
  • How many watts do the solar cells provide?
  • Is a power bank included and how much mAh does it have.
  • Are the cells bendable, rainproof?
  • The backpack is stable, waterproof and comfortable to carry.

Many of today’s solar backpacks do not have a power bank included. But I’m convinced that a buffer battery is the only way to fully benefit from a solar backpack.

Maybe you already have a power bank, that would be good, because the solar cells attached to the backpacks, usually serve all commercial power banks that can be loaded with 5V USB.

For outdoor use I found this power bank quite recommendable.

Also a criterion that I would consider is whether the solar unit is dismountable or not. If you want to use the backpack mainly to charge while traveling, a solar panel can be sewn in, fixed.

But if you assume that you usually want to charge your batteries when you are in one place, then it would be better if the cells are separately applicable.

This is because if you have a full backpack possibly also food and drinks or make-up etc, then you do not want to lay your full backpack in the sun to use the solar function.

So every time you have to remove your entire backpack content to put the solar panels optimally in the light. This can be impractical because the backpack is there to stow your stuff.

In terms of charging performance, most models are adequately equipped to help you keep batteries full. From 5W upwards you have at least 1A in good light which is the same as many grid charging adapters.

Who should refrain from buying solar power backpacks?

First of all, I would like to say that it is probably not a good idea to equip children and young people under the age of 15 with such a solar backpack.

I fear that the charging function is not sufficiently used and therefore the additional financial and material expenditure is not economically justifiable.

To successfully use a solar power backpack, it takes some responsibility and consistency, which is usually not enough developed in very young people.

Another criterion to really benefit from such a product is, of course, the expected weather conditions at the place where you want to use the solar charger.

If you do not travel very long distances either on foot or by bicycle, then my opinion is that a solar backpack is not the optimal solution.

There are simpler and also transportable solar power banks or simply solar battery chargers which in many cases allow more applications than a solar backpack.

The 8 Best Solar Power Backpacks 2018

Solar Power Backpack fast charging anti theft hiking daypack

Best Solar Power Backpacks Waterproof Anti-Theft Solar Power Fast Charging+
Best Solar Power Backpacks Waterproof Anti-Theft Solar Power Fast Charging

Solar Power Backpack fast charging anti theft hiking daypack

By Sunkingdom

My first product from this series is the Sunkingdom 12W solar power backpack. A good looking functional everyday backpack that can always provide you with free solar power.

Always, of course, is only when the sun is shining. Since this is a fairly new product, there is still no information about the loading conditions when the backpack hangs on your back.

Basically, you can connect all available USB 5V chargeable devices to the solar cell. That means, iPhones, Ipads, tablets, digital cameras, bluetooth speakers, GPS etc.

Not included in this very low priced product is a power bank. However, I think a solar power backpack should be best equipped with a power bank.

I have already written about solar power banks and think that for a case like the use of a spare battery in a solar power backpack, a compact power bank is just the thing. (Recommended model).

What distinguishes this solar backpack is that it is made of high quality material, has a breathable back and is equipped with a highly efficient 12W solar panel.

Also the theft protection can be useful if you get into crowds at train stations, bus stations or in supermarkets.

With a Sunkingdom solar backpack, you can also safely go to work in urban areas. The design is very well maintained and makes a serious, modern impression.

A separate compartment for a 15 “laptop is built in, plus there is enough room to carry a lot of material along with two side pockets that allow you to supply drinks bottles or other possibly wet items separately.

Advantages of a Sunkingdom solar power backpack:

  • Always have your own battery charging station with you.
  • 12W, 5V, 2A is sufficient for efficient charging.
  • Stable and beautifully designed backpack.
  • Very cheap, at the moment discount.


  • Power Bank must be purchased separately.
  • Relatively short USB connection cable.

TSA approved solar power backpack

Best Solar Power Backpacks2 Birksun Solar Backpack (Mythos Black)+
Best Solar Power Backpacks Birksun Solar Backpack (Mythos Black)

TSA approved solar power backpack

By Birksun

Well, here we are dealing with a very good looking article. What bothers me immediately, however, are the inaccurate to non-existent performance information.

So far, I have not yet revived a solar panel product that does not specify at least the watt number of the solar cells. It is a US product and seems to be content to claim that the product is extremely good.

The price is definitely extraordinary, it is the most expensive product in this class, but with a 3’000 mAh battery I would not call out too loud.

Also interesting, I find the indication that the solar cell takes 2 minutes to load 1% of the power bank. That gives me 200 minutes for 100% which is something over 3 hours in my oppignion. For Birksun, however, these are only 2 hours as described. I have problems with such details.

The whole series of Birksun backpacks promise exactly the same benefits. 2 minutes charging time for 1% of the same 3’000mAh Power Bank.

After all, the company gives a 12-month warranty on their products.

Advantages of a Birksun backpack:

  • Li-Polymer Powerbank with 2.4A output included.
  • TSA tested and approved.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Way too expensive.
  • Small, non-removable built-in power bank.

Maybe I’m wrong with my conclusion about this product but I can not recommend it. I have also investigated the original Website of Birksun and could not find any confidence-building facts.

Multi-Function Outdoor Backpack, School Bookbag

Best Solar Power Backpacks HAWEEL Multi-function Outdoor Backpack+
Best Solar Power Backpacks HAWEEL Multi-function Outdoor Backpack

Multi-Function Outdoor Backpack, School Bookbag

By Haveel

Here we have a very flexibly usable solar panel compatible product. What I like most about this backpack is that you can mount or leave out the solar cell as needed.

The actual backpack consists of only one normal well-made hand luggage large backpack, which contains an internal wiring and an outside mounted port housing which is equipped with a USB port and a headphone port.

Depending on your needs you can buy the set with the solar cell, this is only an additional charge of $ 10.00, or without, with the intention of looking for a for you even more suitable solar charging system.

The associated solar cell is not so bad though. It is a US made SunPower cell of 7W and can charge your smartphones or, as I prefer, your extra power bank within a reasonable time.

What is interesting, in this respect, is that the solar cell is not firmly installed in the backpack. You can also deposit them independently in the sun and load for eg. a power bank.

The backpack allows, only in useful situations, at a long foot or two-wheeler distance, conveniently attach the solar cell to the back, plug in a headset or on the go to use the mobile device and recharge it.

In the practical backpack you have enough space for a laptop, some clothes, food and maps, camera bath towel and whatever else is important on your little trip.

At camping holidays or at festivals as well as hiking or cycling tours, this inexpensive solar power backpack can be very useful.

Advantages of this Backpack Solar Equipment:

  • Very versatile, with and without the solar panel.
  • Cheap in the purchase.
  • High Standard 7W SunPower cells.
  • Very light but durable.
  • Modern design with many pockets.


  • Power Bank has to be bought separately.
  • No specified warranty over the Amazon 30 Day Returns Guarantee.


Solar Power Hydration Backpack for Bicycling and Sports

Best Solar Power Backpacks Hiking Backpack, 7 Walls Solar Panel+
Best Solar Power Backpacks Hiking Backpack, 7 Walls Solar Panel

Solar Power Hydration Backpack for Bicycling and Sports

By Eceen

A slightly smaller model of a multifunctional solar power backpack. This model is specially tailored for athletes who want to carry a mobile device, possibly also water but not much else luggage.

As with the previous model, it is also possible to use the solar cell and the backpack either together or separately.

This small sports backpack comes with a completely separate Solar Palel part. The safety USB port, which guarantees regulated voltage and thus prevents damage, is integrated into the demountable solar panel unit.

The included backpack does not really have anything to do with solar power. What he offers special is a liquid bladder in which you can fill up about 1.8 liters of beverage, and drink without problems from a tube.

Also with this model no power bank is supplied. In the solar panel element, however, there is enough space to accommodate such and a mobile telephone.

I think this Eceen product is mainly suitable if you actively participate in several days of touring on your bike.

Even walking marches with overnight stays are possible, however, I have found out that the carrying straps of the backpack are not worked that well, no padding and they easily readjust by themselves.

So, if you want to hike or climb I would choose a better backpack. The solar device is sufficient and can, of course, be attached to any backpack.

With the solar cell, you can charge any power bank, iPhones, smartphones, GPS, tablets as well as cameras, speakers or eReaders. As always, everything that is loadable with a 5V USB Cable.

Again, there is no general warranty but as I have read the customer service endeavors to handle complaints uncomplicated, money or new goods are offered immediately. Of course, you have to report if there is cause for complaint.

Advantages of Eceen solar Sports bags:

  • All parts can be used individually.
  • Very light but stable.
  • Not stiff, well adaptable to the body.
  • Useful solar unit.
  • Friendly customer service.


  • No power bank.
  • Backpack straps are rather cheap.
  • No warranty.

EnerPlex PK-ALPHA-OR Packr Backpack, Orange

Best Solar Power Backpacks EnerPlex PK-ALPHA-OR Packr Backpack, Orange

EnerPlex PK-ALPHA-OR Packr Backpack, Orange

By Enerplex 

Once again we have here a somewhat suspicious model of a solar power backpack. I’m not sure if I can give a recommendation or not.

The product details are very sparse and after some research of the company and other of their products, one also comes to no clear conclusion.

Basically, this backpack actually looks quite passable, Neilon cloth, which should be water repellent and also very light.

The solar cell is relatively large and that’s why I’m surprised why they only give 3W power. A CIGS solar cell is used, which is supposed to result in revolutionary results.

However, after researching the CIGS technology, I found out that this is by no means all that new and maybe even outdated.

The manufacturer claims in various descriptions quite different loading times for the same device. Once it says that you can charge your average smartphone in 4 hours, in some reports, 3 or 6 hours are called.

I do not know, you can test this solar backpack, it does not cost a lot but I would not recommend it.

What I noticed further is that the manufacturer is not responding to any customer questions nor reviews on Amazon. There is no mentioning of warranty and customer satisfaction does not seem to be the first priority.

Advantages of an Enterplex solar backpack:

  • None.


  • Not very cheap.
  • No warranty.

Rapid Solar Backpack Charger for Laptops and UBS Power Bank

Best Solar Power Backpacks Voltaic Systems Array Rapid

Rapid Solar Backpack Charger for Laptops and UBS Power Bank

By Voltaic Systems

Well, this high quality but of course a bit expensive solar backpack finally makes fun exploring. I think this is the best product here on this site.

The robust and always better-executed UV resistant backpack is made of environmentally friendly material. (30% recycled PET) With 25 liters of content that is not too big but still enough to take a sufficient day trip equipment.

The 3 high-quality monocrystalline urethane solar panels with 3.5 watts each can fully charge the 19’800mAh power bank within 11 hours in good light.

The included Lithium polymer battery stores 72Wh, which is enough to fully charge a max 15 “laptop once, which means you can charge a laptop within 11 hours even with only these solar cells as well.

The battery is equipped with short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overtemperature protected outputs. A 5V, 2A USB output and an adjustable 12, 16, or 19V output for all conventional laptop, smartphone etc brands.

Ok, The solar cell cannot be separated from the backpack, which can be a disadvantage in certain cases. Then in fact, when you want to load your solar cells, while fully packed and the content gets too hot.

This backpack is, therefore, most suitable for charging while walking or riding your bike. Or good if you can empty the backpack while camping before you put it in the sun.

The backpack itself is practically furnished. With an extra compartment for a 15″ laptop and many inside and outside pockets, it also takes care of comfortable carrying.

Voltaic System solar Power Pack is suitable for charging:

  • Professional Photo Equipment.
  • Laptops up to 15 “or smaller.
  • Tablets of all brands.
  • All types of smartphones.
  • DSLR camera batteries from Canon, Acer, Nikon, Samsung, Apple, Sony, Asus, Levono and many others.
  • MP3 players, GPS, and iReaders.

With an Array Rapid Solar Backpack, I would say that you are best equipped to withstand power independently anywhere for a long time. Excursions on foot or by bike, camping vacations in the wild, multi-day photo excursions or simply life far from civilization.

With such a backpack you never have to be afraid of empty batteries. If necessary, there are also small LED USB lights that you can operate or USB loadable flashlights.

What does not work is that you can work 8 hours a day with your laptop, the performance is probably not quite enough. There are, however, solar charging stations with which you can keep your laptop in continuous operation.

Advantages of a Voltaic System Backpack Charger:

  • Everything included and in the best quality.
  • Sun and Wall Chargeable Power Bank.
  • High-quality powerful solar cells.
  • Qualitatively made backpack.
  • 2 years warranty on the solar cells, 1 year for the power bank.


  • Solar Panel can’t be removed.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Not ultra light.

Solar Charger Backpack 45 Lit with USB Port

Best Solar Power Backpacks Xlight.ca Solar Charger Backpack 6.5W+
Best Solar Power Backpacks Xlight.ca Solar Charger Backpack 6.5W

Solar Charger Backpack 45 Lit with USB Port

By Xlight.ca

For longer outdoor activities, the previously mentioned maximum of 30 liters, backpacks are probably not big enough. There are only a few solar-powered big models like this one.

This one is already a bit expensive for not getting a power bank included. But at least a demountable solar charging unit is included.

This 6.5W solar cell is connected to a USB port with which you can either charge a power bank or charge your USB 5V device directly. In good conditions, you get a charging current of 2.1A is claimed. (Which is more than 10W)

The backpack itself looks very practical, with 4 separate inside departments and various small pockets inside as well as outside. Made of Nilon, the bag should be waterproof and durable, yet lightweight.

A breathable air pump type three direction ventilation system prevents excessive transpiration and allows quick drying after rain.

All in all, the Xlight backpack can serve well and is well worth the money. If you are willing to research a bit though and combine various products, you can put together a slightly better and cheaper set yourself.

The 45-liter backpack may be worth one-third of the price you pay here. The attached solar unit you get equivalent for about once again less than a third. With the savings, you can just buy a cheap power bank.

Advantages of the Xlight Backpack:

  • A larger stowage volume.
  • Easy to disassemble solar panel.
  • Comfortable all-purpose backpack.


  • Too expensive.
  • No battery
  • No warranty.

High Capacity Solar Power Backpack

Best Solar Power Backpacks ECEEN Backpack High Capacity 48L for Laptops+
Best Solar Power Backpacks ECEEN Backpack High Capacity 48L for Laptops

High Capacity Solar Power Backpack

By Eceen

Another model of the Eceen series, but here also a large volume one. Eceen could be said to have specialized in solar power backpacks. Many of the products offered have a not bad feedback. I think for the price Eceen offers a decent product.

Again, I have to say that you pay something that the backpack is offered completely as a solar product.

The 10W solar unit provides sufficient power to charge most USB handheld devices in a reasonable time. However, it takes several days to fully charge a 20,000mAh power bank.

Nevertheless, with an Eceen backpack, you can help protect the environment and increase awareness of solar energy.

Unfortunately, or as you wish, fortunately, the solar panels are firmly sewn into the backpack. Loading your equipment for a long time will require you to empty the backpack first.

As with all of these solar power backpacks, I find that a power bank is required. There is no one with this model, but you will find suitable ones at relatively low prices.

The backpack in and of itself looks very practical and stable. The straps are padded and make a lasting impression.

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews for this model as it is a relatively new product. After a search on the Eceen website, I was a bit confused.

I found the corresponding article, but it is presented somewhat differently than on Amazon. On the website would be a 10’000mAh power bank included, the weight is a bit heavier and if you click on the Amazon Link it is a dead link.

So the end of the exercise, Not recommended, since everything seems unclear, too bad.

The Conclusion for the 8 Best Solar Power Backpacks 2018

To be honest, I have to say that I’m a little disappointed with the outcome of my research. There is not really a big choice in terms of really best solar backpacks.

This may be because the demand for such products is not so great. Which is understandable due to that the technology is only too close to the limit to allow really efficient solar charges carryable on the back.

I think the idea is great because, as I said, practically everyone is always walking around with a backpack. If the charging technology was a little better, in my opignion these products would be the best way to power cell phones with solar power.

Well, it’s like it is today in 2018.

Basically, after all the research I can only recommend two names. First, the first model presented above, which I think is forward-looking. The Sunkingdom solar backpack. It is very cheap, applicable everywhere and is quite inconspicuous and modern looking.

Second, actually, the whole series of Voltaic System solar backpacks. This company has set itself the goal to produce various models for each application.

These products are fully consumer-oriented, and a range of extremely high-quality components are assembled into very esthetic end products.

I already noticed Voltaic System in the two previous pieces of research about solar power banks and solar battery charging stations. They are always there, with the most expensive products but also the most trusted.

I’ve only featured the most expensive and best-performing solar backpack here, mainly because it’s the only compelling model you can use to charge laptops.

You can find a bigger selection of the same company here.

Thanks for coming

With these words, I would like to conclude the topic of the best solar power backpacks. It is an interesting topic and I am sure there will be much more to tell in the future.

In the last few days, I have decided to dedicate the next post to all sorts of solar powered smartphone charging opportunities. A real summary of the last 3 articles.

On the one hand, I would like to show scenarios and recommend the appropriate solar charging options. And in the further, present, some of me optimized product compilations.

I hope that you are back to profit from my weekslong research. I have now seen that it is not easy to find a satisfactory solar charging unit for smartphones or similar devices.

I take the work of research from you and hope to help you, in the decision of what to buy, positively.

Best wishes, see you soon, Stefan 🙂 allsopo.com

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8 Best Solar Powered Backpacks 2018
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8 Best Solar Powered Backpacks 2018
My third post in the series of solar power charging devices is about the best solar-power Backpacks. I want to show what you need to look at when choosing yours and review the 8 best products available in 2018.
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  1. Andrew Reply

    Great information once again.

    I think having a detachable power pack is important for me so that I do not have to empty the contents of my pack when I want to recharge my electronics by leaving the pack in the sun.

    This is good advice. Thank you for doing the research and sharing with us.

    Kind regards, Andrew

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Andrew, and thanks for leaving a comment.

      You got it right. Unless you are on the move all day I too think a detachable solar unit is the better solution.

      Strange enough, that my favorite solar backpack producer does not offer a single product with a detachable solar panel.

      Actually, this is why I have already started with a next post, which will recommend what you can do if you want a high-quality Backpack and a separate solar cell.

      As you have seen in this post, there are these kinds of backpacks but I’m not totally convinced of the quality, the service and price ratio of these products.

      Have a great day, please come back soon and find my own product mix solutions. See you, Stefan 🙂

  2. Robert Reply

    Hey, Stefan,

    I want one!

    Solar power backpacks are just one of the best ideas I have come across recently. I think this is fantastic. It certainly makes a lot of sense to combine the useful, normal, everyday carrying function of the backpack with an environmentally friendly and free energy supply.

    Great for the city, but of course, what a wonderful benefit this will bring when camping or hiking in the wilderness. No expenses and no need to find the nearest village/town to plug in and recharge. Unlimited power in the wild? Yes, please!

    A power bank or battery pack is essential for this, as you will need to store the energy the cells collect by day, for use at night. The Sunkingdom and Voltaic look the best, although I would like a power bank included and the cells to be detachable. This review has certainly given me some options to consider.

    Thanks for the information. This is great stuff.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Robert, great to hear from you 🙂

      Your demands for a perfect solar power backpack are quite similar to mine. Too bad the producers don’t see it this way. Both my favorite packs don’t allow to remove the solar panel for charging.

      The ones that do have this feature mostly come without a power bank.

      Please come back next week and check out what I will mix together for you and everyone looking for a high-quality solution with exactly these characteristics.

      All the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

  3. David Carr Reply

    As someone who participates plenty of athletic events (running, hiking) this item appeals to me.

    I honestly didn’t know a solar-powered backpack was even an option until I came here. I really like how you outlined all of the different products and pricing to make it easier to choose.

    Definitely a purchase I will consider in the future.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi David, nice to see you 🙂

      Being an outdoor athletic you surely appreciate nature. I think you could take advantage of a solar power backpack.

      Sometimes you run for practice, then you could just juice up your gadgets for free.

      When going on hiking trips you have your own power supply with you and never run the chance to be without energy in an emergency.

      Have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂

  4. Doug Reply

    Hi Stefan,

    Great article and full of useful information. I have seen a few of these backpacks out and about and had been curious.

    I for sure would want a power bank and also removable solar cells for many of the reasons you explained.

    I don’t think I would chance a TSA encounter though, with any of them. I read too many bad stories about people with suitcases with power banks been stopped at TSA.

    I just found your site lots of interesting things to look at, I am sure I’ll be back.

    Regards, Doug

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Doug, thanks for the comment 🙂

      The thing with the TSA is, that I heard it is not allowed to carry power banks inside the passager part of a plane.

      If you only have solar panels attached to your backpack there should be no problem using it as hand luggage.

      I too think full capability of a solar power backpack can only be achieved with a power bank involved.

      Check out my next post and see how I would solve the problem optimally.

      See you, Stefan 🙂

  5. John White Reply

    Your website is very appealing to the eyes. The imagery makes your website come alive.

    I sold solar powered water heating systems and that was the extent of my knowledge about solar until a read your information about a solar unit that you can carry on your back.

    What an innovative ideal Stefan! This product should sell for those who love the outdoor life.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi John, and thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

      I’m very interested in all kinds of solar power products and the solar water heating systems are sure going to be a part of this website.

      Already I have seen this kind of installations in many places and had the pleasure to use one in Morrocco before.

      There is a lot of research to be done though, I want to find really quality products that can be installed without hiring a plumber if possible.

      All the best to you, see you, Stefan 🙂

  6. robert lilley Reply

    WOW! Not only did I not even know this product existed but surely did not know so many variations existed. I for one would be interested in a removable panel.

    I often fly to my daughter’s house in Melbourne Beach Fla to see her and my grandson. Once there we spend countless hours on the beach. Once there I would hate to have to empty my backpack all the time.

    Between all the time I spend flying and in airports ( where all the charging stations are always full ) I would never have to worry about that again.

    I really have a lot of research to do on finding the right backpack for me. I have bookmarked your awesome website here so I can come back as often as possible to do said research.

    When I do make a decision on my preferred backpack I will certainly purchase through a link on your website.

    This has been one of the most informative articles I have read in a long time, so thank you for that.

    All the best to you Robert

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Robert, nice reading your thoughts 🙂

      The problem with using solar power chargers for flying trips is, that the power banks are not allowed in the passenger compartment.

      After checking in you would only be allowed to carry a solar panel and your mobile device. This makes the buying decision a bit difficult.

      On one hand, you want a detachable solar panel which I think is the right decision too in your situation and on the other hand you want to use solar power on the airport while waiting for boarding the plane.

      I would suggest, you try to manage to arrive at the airport with a full smartphone battery.

      I travel a lot on planes my self and due to listening constantly to audiobooks via youtube my battery is always in trouble 🙂

      So far I luckily managed to find unoccupied seats with charging stations on international airports.

      Normally a solar panel should be allowed to be carried in the hand luggage due to not including any batteries. You might try to use the 10W solar panel of Voltaic System, it is very strong and can charge with less than 100% sunlight.

      It is a lightweight 2 folded easy storable panel you can also use on the beach and attach to any backpack. Only about $50 but I think absolutely the best choice for your application.

      It comes with a 5V USB output on which you can charge any devices or power banks.

      I wish you the best times, see you, Stefan 🙂

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